A carefully curated craft fair with a natural aesthetic.


I have been noticing a trend in fashion, food, home decor and beauty where the natural world informs the components and the design. Field and Supply Craft Fair features small business owners who are artisans offering unique items for the home and self.


NY Heartwoods is making beautiful furniture sourced from fallen trees. The Trestle Dining Table, made with a fallen tree from Cold Spring, NY has Asian and mid-century design influences.


Aromatherapy artisan Lake and Skye uses therapeutic grade essential oil to create scents that transcend. I was completely mesmerized with the perfume 11 | 11.


Concentric circles and Shibori caught my eye while walking by the Apprvl table. I bought the Indigo Large Tote because the proportions were perfect for me. They also sell DIY dye and embroidery kits.


It takes courage to create beautiful, useful, one of a kind objects. Individuality vs. Commercialism. Diversity vs. Mono Crops. Is the makers movement just for urban hipsters and people with good taste and disposable income or will it evolve into an innovative form of commerce and trade? Will more people see the value in small batch handcrafted goods and be willing to pay more? Will people stop to consider the hidden costs in mass produced goods?



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