Papyrus Home Design

We are interior designers re-imagining space.


Most people tend to think interior designers pick out curtains and lamps yet Katja Van Der Loo ( proprietor of PHD ) has the unique ability to immediately see space in 3D and re-invent a home, often improving upon architectural plans.



Unfortunately potential new clients never knew about Katja's super power because her outdated website only had small photos. With some investigation we realized people had no idea what part of the final product PHD was involved in...people often asked “You did that?“


the Solution

I worked with PHD to build a new website that communicates all of the services they provide, including space-planning. I included a before photo, a floor plan created by PHD and an after photo. The Featured Projects section on the website details the scope and involvement of each project. I crafted a clear and comprehensive mission statement. The tone of the website is informative yet friendly reflecting the fun loving perfectionists at PHD. The new branding reflects the classic, timeless style of PHD.


Branding and Messaging

Web Design and Development

Copy Writing

Mission Statement

A Featured Projects section features beautiful photography and a BEFORE AND AFTER shot. I named every project and wrote all the copy describing the scope of work.

PHD Branding Style Guide

Poster Design Celebrating 20 Year Anniversary




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